Destination Einstein (DE) is the name of our practice field.  Each year, we meticulously setup a practice field meeting the specifications of the new year’s FIRST FRC game.  You can imagine how much more difficult it would be for teams to perform well in competition with never having the opportunity to practice on a game field.  DE assists a network of competitive robotics teams in becoming capable of reaching the Einstein Field at World Championships. The Einstein Field is the name of the field where the final matches are played at Worlds. 

DE is the most visible and impactful program Walton Robotics does for the FRC Robotics community in GA. It is run for the most part by parents and is an opportunity to support your child. Host
ing Open Field Session is by far the easiest way to accrue volunteer hours you agreed to when enrolling your student. All you are expected to do is show up 15 minutes before the session begins, open the build site, let visiting teams in and sit in a corner and do whatever you’d like – work / read a book / browse smart phone. 30 min before the session ends, give visiting team heads up to pack, lock the place up and leave. It is as simple as that. Detailed instructions on where to get the keys, disabling alarm, etc.will be provided. Absolutely no prior experience is needed.
As you are aware, GRITS, GA FIRST invitational tournament, is scheduled for Nov 2nd. Several teams in the area that we have a strong relationship with, want to come practice in our field (built by parents). We’ve agreed to host open field on Saturdays and Sundays 9 AM to 1 PM for the three weekends starting this coming Sat (10/12). Please sign up and show your kid you support their passion for Robotics.

For more information on Destination Einstein, visit the DE website.