Welcome to the membership page for Walton Robotics.

We open membership to any Walton student in April of each year for the following school year. Membership is by application with a personal interview for most applicants during May. Decisions about team membership are made in late May. Since we typically have many more applications than spots on the team, membership is competitive. Spend some quality time with your applications so you can stand out among your peers!

Here’s the process:

  1. Attend the Open House information session on April 26, at Walton in T129, at 630 pm. (Sorry if you missed us!)
  2. Download one of these student applications:
  3. Download a parent application:
  4. Download a leadership application, if applicable.
  5. Fill out the applications completely, print and sign. Don’t forget the parent signatures and commitment!
  6. Drop off at Walton,  either in T129 or at the front desk, to the attention of Brian Benton

We expect membership will be very competitive, so do a great job telling us about yourself!

Here are important dates in the membership process.

4/26 – Open house and information session, Walton, T129

5/4 – All applications due in T129 by 4pm

5/6 – Notification of interview date and time

5/8-5/11 – Interviews – most applicants will be assigned an interview time

5/26 – Notification of team membership


Good Luck!