The Walton Robotics engineering department works to advance students’ understanding of design and creation of not just robots but also of their own roads in life. Engineering extends from the wheels and gears to the radio and camera, but it also involves inter-team collaboration and discussion in order to produce the most effective robot.

Our engineering team has not only worked on their own robot, but they have also helped other robotics teams build to their full potential. They mentored students from the GI Joz, an FRC team, and taught them the design process and which robot configuration and parts was/were most effective so that they were equipped to do well in competition. As a result, the GI Joz made it all the way to World Championships. In addition to this, this year, the GI Joz joined our alliance at the Dalton District event along with East Cobb Robotics 4910, and together we won 1st place. The engineering team and the rest of Walton Robotics still holds significant bonds with the kids on the team.

The engineering department has one motto, and it is: If every person we cross roads with, whether it is just a quick talk in the pits or 4 long build seasons together, leaves with more knowledge of engineering than before, we are achieving our goal. The engineering department, along with building a fantastic robot each year, furthers the standard that FIRST is not just about the robots.



Competition Robots

  • Logo Bot
  • Kicker Bot
  • Basketball Bot
  • Frisbee Bot
  • Beach Bot
  • Stacker Bot
  • Stronghold Bot


Community Robots

  • T-Shirt Cannon:

We built tshirt cannon in 2011 in order to reach unconventional audiences, namely a football crowd. It has a barrel which can hold up to 12 stress balls at a time or two rolled up T-Shirts. We can fire the cannon at a psi of 120, which can reach lengths of up to 72 yards. We have a large tank which holds the air from the compressor and a smaller tank which allows us to change the psi for each shot. The cannon has impacted thousands of people at our events / school football games ranging from 5 year olds to adults.      


Team members explaining the layout of Tshirt-Cannon’s interior


Tshirt-Cannon in action









  • Soccerbot:

We built Soccerbot to be able to drive on grass and kick soccer balls, and this was inspired by the new soccer stadium that is currently being built downtown, Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The robot has a kicker which is actuated by one-two pistons allowing us to control the power of the shot. This robot is set to be fully functional August 31st, 2016.


  • Orchestra Bot:

We created soccer bot in 2014 to autonomously conduct our high school’s orchestra concert at the Kennesaw State Performing Arts Center. Orchestra bot is a huge hit with orchestra students, and its head is entirely 3D printed.