The business department has many tasks which are either for the team or outside of the team. Some of them are intradepartmental while others are interdepartmental. The business department runs weekly executive meetings which are held with all department heads and assistants. The department is also responsible for scheduling and organizing weekly team meetings. These team meetings help get new members excited about robotics, help the team organize its documents and papers, and make the transition from rookie member to experienced member much easier.

The business department also actively keeps relations with existing sponsors while also seeking new or potential sponsors. We currently have several sponsors (as well as our school) that provide financial aid, technical aid, and/or services. Without our sponsors, who have devoted so much to the team and its mission, we likely would not be a team today.

During build and competition season, the business department takes care of the awards submissions, such as Chairman’s. The department has done an incredible job, as we have won Chairman’s at 7 different events, along with multiple Entrepreneurship Awards and 3 Engineering Inspiration Awards. Some other crucial tasks include creating the business plan each year and working with other departments to plan out the upcoming year during the summer. To ensure sustainability of the team, this department actively trains members of the team and gives them leadership opportunities while also making sure to involve new members in order to prepare them to become the next leaders of the team.