2016 Build Season

On January 1st of 2016, after our kickoff event, the build season was underway. We immediately started with the design process. Everyone on our team is involved in the design of the robot so that we essentially be together for an entire day and talk about pros and cons of different robots, so that everyone on the team has a say in the final robot. Next, we utilized the following two weeks prototyping and finishing designs. After the designs were finalized and the prototypes broken down, we began building the practice robot and the competition robot. We build two robots simultaneously each year so that we can have one left over for our drivers to practice with. As the six weeks drew to a close, our robot was shaping up to be something amazing. Finally, the night bag-and-tag rolled around, we put the electrical together and all the finishing touches. We bagged up the robot after six busy weeks, and left it alone until the first competition two weeks later.