We will take applications for team membership in the fall! Applications for membership will be due via email by August 16, by 5 pm. Please do not email applications until after August 1.

Here are some important dates regarding potential team membership:

  • August 14 – Club fair at Walton
  • August 15 – Open house at old East Cobb Middle School (our build site)
  • August 16 – Applications due by 5 pm
  • August 18 – Students are notified with time and date of interview 
  • August 19-20 – Interviews at old East Cobb Middle School media center
  • August 21 – Students notified of team membership
  • August 22 – Mandatory team meeting at old East Cobb Middle School

To apply for the team, you’ll need to fill out both a student and a parent application. Membership is competitive and not all that apply make the team.

Student application – click to download

Parent application – click to download

Here’s how you submit your application.

  • Download both applications.
  • Open in Word and complete the applications. (you are encouraged to spell and grammar check!)
  • Sign both applications – simply print your name in the signature box
  • Export both files into PDF documents. There should be two!
    Save or rename the files with the following format:
    • [STUDENT LAST NAME], [STUDENT FIRST NAME] – student application.PDF
    • [STUDENT LAST NAME], [STUDENT FIRST NAME] – parent application.PDF
  • Email the 2 pdfs to brian.benton@waltonrobotics.org

Applications are reviewed by a panel of team mentors. You will be notified of a possible interview. Interviews are scheduled between 6 pm and 930 pm, in 15-minute blocks.

Remember, membership is competitive!